The Fundacao – Art and Culture

559106_491725570841037_1969342763_nThe Fundacao was established in 2006 with the objective to cherish, preserve and strengthen the rich Angolan culture.

The Fundacao provides a home for many educational, artistic and cultural activities and supports the progress of Angolan artists, musicians and dance groups. The Fundacao promotes free cultural educational activities for the younger generation in Luanda, Angola. Since 2006, the Fundacao has initiated dozens of social programmes throughout Angola. Below are a few examples:

Save a Child's Heart is a not-for-profit organization active in life-saving open heart surgeries in Israel for around 100 Angolan children, volunteer programmes in orphans' homes throughout Angola and national child's day events, amongst other projects.

Casa de Musica is an organization that initiates collaborations between Western and Angolan musicians, producing musical events and recordings. Casa de Musica also engages in programmes for the empowerment of women and in community leadership projects, art exhibitions and shows for Angolan artists, free library and leisure activities such as dance, art and computer classes, Africa Day events and much more.

The Fundacao's directors and board members are local Angolan artists and intellectuals.

The Fundacao Facebook page:  


good WCI logo large jpeg Women's Campaign International is an American organization focused on enhancing local leadership to create positive social change. Its main areas of activity are in fostering political leadership, empowering leaders in the economical arena, encouraging conflict resolution and enhancing civic participation. In partnership with local communities, WCI helps women acquire skills to enable them to become effective agents of change in the effort to close the gap in gender equality. WCI achieves these objectives through training, workshops and technical assistance. WCI has joined Vital in strengthening the community of Waku Kungo, Angola.

The Community Knowledge Centre (CKC) Kumasi, Ghana

In collaboration with Appleseed's Academy and Google, this initiative makes technology and information accessible to communities in Africa, minimising the digital gap. The Knowledge Centres create an ICT infrastructure (Information & Communication Technology) and aim to encourage the social and economic benefits of ICT literacy, including job creation and enhanced learning skills.

The Africa Centre at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


The Africa Centre was founded in 2008 by the late Dr. Tamar Golan, the first Israeli Ambassador to Angola (1994-2001). This is the first academic centre for African Studies in Israel. The inter-university BA programme in African Studies is a study programme based on the collaborative efforts of three Israeli universities: Ben-Gurion University, Tel Aviv University and The Open University. The programme includes a wide variety of African Studies courses from a range of historical, political, geographical, cultural and religious perspectives. Students gain a broad base of knowledge on Africa and develop analytical and research skills for studying African cultures and societies. Ben-Gurion University also offers a minor in African Studies for BGU students only, including a three-month volunteer programme in Sub-Saharan Africa for 10-15 students every year.


The Global Community-Development Studies MA programme at the Faculty of Social Science, Hebrew University

This new two-year MA programme provides students with the tools to effectively translate academic perspectives into practical know-how conducive to working with communities across the globe. An integral part of the programme is the semester-long internship with an international NGO, held in the third semester.


The International MA Programme in Applied Child Development for Developing Countries, Haifa University


The International MA Programme in Applied Child Development at Haifa University was established with the goal of improving the lives of at-risk children around the world. This unique programme aims to develop professional leadership that will enhance the well-being of children and their families in countries in need. It is designed to prepare the next generation of international experts on child development and its implications for the lives of children and their families in developing countries. Full scholarships are available for 15-20 MA students from Sub-Saharan Africa. The first academic year is expected to open in October 2014.


The Vital Centre for Business Ethics and Impact Investment at Peres Academic Centre (PAC)

PeresThe mission of the Vital Centre is to promote research and academic training in the fields of business ethics and impact investment, including corporate social responsibility, business ethics, and management of non-profit organizations and impact investment corporations. The Vital Centre sponsors courses in sustainable development, green economy, environmental and social financing in the developing world, business strategies for managing ESG risks and opportunities, consumer protection and the psychology of hope. Every PAC student in the BBA and MBA programmes will take at least one course provided by the Vital Centre.

The Department of Social Work, Sapir College

In collaboration with the Department of Social Work at Sapir College, Vital is sponsoring a six-month volunteer programme in Huambo, Angola, starting February 2014, for four social work students and a professor. The programme's aim is to provide social work services to the community of Huambo and to create the foundations for a social work centre in the region. The students will gain training and experience in social work by assimilating acquired knowledge and experience, combining field work and theoretical research.