The Kora investment is focused on the construction of 40,000 affordable, high-quality housing units on various sites around Angola. The project is undertaken in cooperation with the Angolan Government, and is aimed at the development both of integrated affordable communities for the emerging Angolan middle-class as well as the underlying national infrastructure and community facilities.kora Kora's management team works closely with architect Jaime Lerner, who believes that planning cities correctly is the first step in creating the fabric of a healthy society. Well-designed houses with courtyards, green parks and open public spaces within walking distance are part of the scheme to allow a new neighborhood to thrive. Kora is concerned with improving quality of life in Angola through construction projects. The planning, construction and sale of 40,000 new houses and the creation of infrastructure in six provinces is proving to be a viable solution for a wide section of the population, providing attractive and functional housing, improved health and education services, better employment opportunities, and many cultural events and activities. Kora is committed to an ethical approach to all activities and places a strong emphasis on environmental and social responsibility. Kora hopes to provide the new generation with an infrastructure and a network that will enable a productive and sound future. Affordable, high-quality housing is key for the reduction of poverty. The Kora project provides Angolans with the infrastructure for building vibrant urban communities, emphasizing social services, cultural life, education and employment opportunities.  
April 2015
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