Ms. Shvartzvald, the leader of Vital’s Impact Team, has served as Vital Capital’s Head of ESG & Impact Department since its inception, bringing with her significant experience in investment evaluation, oversight, control and organizational process implementation from a previous position in IT control systems implementation in a large project design and execution company that operated primarily in sub-Saharan Africa. Ms. Shvartzvald possesses profound knowledge of the issues involved in the ESG aspect of Vital’s investments, as well as a strong academic and intellectual foundation which serves as the basis for Vital’s methodical approach to evaluating, quantifying and monitoring impact in all its investments. Ms. Shvartzvald graduated from the Adi Lautman Interdisciplinary Program for Outstanding Students at Tel Aviv University with a focus on environmental and social sustainability. She received an M.A. in Environmental Policy, summa cum laude, from Tel Aviv University’s Porter School of Environmental Studies and completed her thesis in collaboration with Berlin’s Freie Universität.