haifa 2 About 70 participants took part in an event organized by UK Friends of the University of Haifa and was held in London last week. Prof. Avi Sagi-Schwartz, head of the international master's program in child development to developing countries, told the attendees about the mission to train professionals in childcare from developing countries in Africa and Asia, including teachers, social workers, doctors and even priests. Students from developing countries have extremely limited options world-wide to study child development within the context of their unique cultural, societal, and educational settings. Vital in collaboration with the University of Haifa is hosting the new International MA Program in Child Development for Developing Countries, an innovative academic initiative that brings talented students from diverse backgrounds – pediatrics, nursing, psychology, education, anthropology, sociology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, law, priesthood, social work and social welfare, speech pathology and therapy – to make a substantial impact in their home countries in the fields of education, welfare and healthcare with regards to children. The students are from Chile, Ghana, Nepal, Ethiopia, Cameroon, China, Liberia, Kenya, Myanmar, South Africa, and Nigeria. and the first year of the programme ended in July and was a great success.Now the students are back in their home countries and could implement and use all the tools the aide in order to empower children and women.