Roughly half the population in Angola does not currently have access to safe drinking water, and is forced to use unsafe water, leading to illness and death. This has significant adverse effects both on individuals and their families, as well as more broadly on the economy of Angola as a whole. Water For All (WFA) is a project undertaken to provide clean water to over 150 remote rural communities, with an expected positive effect beginning at the individual level through the village and all the way to the economy overall. The WFA project aims to put in place the logistics to deliver clean, safe water to well over 150 village communities in rural Angola. The purified water will be delivered to storage tanks located at a central point from where it is accessed by all through showers, laundry points and drinking fountains, ultimately benefiting over 640,000 people. Answering a Need: Water, sanitation and hygiene related diseases account for 6% of deaths in Angola, compared to 0.5% in developed countries, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and UNICEF. In 2013 as many as 9.4 million Angolans – roughly half the population – did not have access to safe water. Only around 35 – 38 % of the country’s rural population has access to any kind of improved water source, according to the World Bank. The Investment: Water For All’s social and environmental impact will be considerable. It will target areas which suffer particularly severe water scarcity; it will reduce the likelihood of disease caused by contaminated water; it will prevent deaths from water pollution; it will reduce walking distance and time spent sourcing water, enabling the community – and women in particular – to have more free time to devote to other value-creating activities. The Result: Over 640,000 people in remote areas will gain access to clean purified drinking water. Their consequent improved health will result in a better quality of life and an improved local and national economy. Health to the individual means health to the population as a whole.