WaterHealth International (WHI) offers an innovative solution to the challenge of potable water scarcity in developing markets, based on decentralized (local or “off-grid”), low-cost and easy to maintain water purification facilities, which provide local communities with clean drinking water at affordable prices. WaterHealth International provides innovative business solutions to one of the world's most desperate health crises - the lack of safe, clean and affordable water for the billions of people who have little or no access to it. WHI's award-winning water purification and disinfection technology, combined with creative and unique business approaches, enable the delivery of highly affordable, clean water to even the most remote and underserved communities. WHI invests in health and hygiene education programs as part of its normal business practices, to combat waterborne diseases in the communities it serves. unnamed-5 WHI's website is http://www.waterhealth.com   When WHI’s water-purification facilities (called “WaterHealth Centers” or WHCs) are purchased by governments, municipalities, corporations, communities or NGOs, the ownership of each WHC is awarded to the local community. WaterHealth then enters into a long-term concession, which provides it with the exclusive right to operate and maintain the WHC on behalf of the owner community for an extended period. Using this model, WHI has already deployed ~500 WHCs in India and sub-Saharan Africa providing clean drinking water access to over 5 million underserved people. The need: The availability and cost of clean drinking water is still a major issue in many developing regions, and certainly in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). In many developing countries, a large portion of the population - usually the bottom of the pyramid - either does not have access at all to clean drinking water, or if it does – it comes at unaffordable prices. This leads to severe consequences in terms of diseases, inability to work and resulting poverty, inability of children to attend schools, inability to develop and operate businesses etc., and is therefore considered to be one of the main global development challenges today. The solution: WaterHealth International offers an innovative solution to this problem, built on partnerships with local communities, which is based on a decentralized, cheap and easy to maintain water purification facilities which provide local communities with clean drinking water at affordable prices. Furthermore, WHI’s model allows doing so in a commercially viable way, which guarantees the operation’s long-term sustainability. Proven Impact: It is estimated that about 500K individuals are purchasing safe water on a recurring basis, most of them from rural previously deprived communities. The DR. Water (WHI's water brand name) customers enjoy improved health and are less likely to experience diseases. It is therefore affecting their overall and financial well-being. This model of community partnership and highly disciplined operations provides a platform for achieving significant scale in Africa, India and other key emerging markets. Through partnering with the WHI Team and its investor organizations, Vital Capital looks forward to contributing to accelerated growth in reaching more underserved people with this sustainable model. In this investment, Vital Capital joins a group of top-tier existing investors, including the IFC, The Dow Chemical Company, The Coca-Cola Company, Acumen Fund, Tata Capital, Sail Capital Partners and others.   April 2015 WaterHealth to provide safe drinking water to 100M users in 5 years.