Our impact approach

Central to our impact approach is the belief that increasing the availability and affordability of essentials in growth markets will drive transformative impact, by overcoming critical social and environmental challenges. Driven by a strong pioneering spirit, we utilize the power of successful, scalable businesses to influence positive change in the provision of food, water, healthcare and sustainable infrastructure.


Our pathway to achieving meaningful impact


  • Food

    Our thesis

    Increased availability and affordability of basic nutrition and increased income of farmers leads to improved health and financial resilience.

    Our outcomes

    • Improved financial health of farmers
    • Increased accessibility to better agricultural products, and more stable pricing
    • Increased access to agricultural training
    • Improved community health
  • Healthcare

    Our thesis

    Making healthcare more accessible and affordable leads to improved health for more people and save lives.

    Our outcomes

    • Increased availability and affordability of essential medicines, medical supplies and devices
    • Increased access to medical diagnostics
    • Reduced financial barriers to medical services
    • Improved community health
  • Water

    Our thesis

    Increased access to clean water and building wastewater solutions improves personal and social wellbeing and reduces environmental impact.

    Our outcomes

    • Improved access to safe and affordable drinking water
    • Reduced pollution and increased protection of natural water sources
    • Improved sustainability of industrial and municipal water practices
    • Improved food security, through increased efficiencies in agriculture
  • Sustainable infrastructure

    Our thesis

    Sustainable infrastructure is fundamental for climate action and social equality.

    Our outcomes

    • Reduced harmful emissions from small-scale energy sources
    • Improved energy for connectivity
    • Increased access to quality education
    • Improved skills and capability, leading to greater employability potential

Impact value creation

With a long-term vision, we work with investees to ensure their future sustainability. Across all investments themes we are focused on driving progress in three strategic areas:

Impact at scale

With an inherent focus on essentials in growth markets, we measure the depth of our contribution using the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and identify how we can further strengthen the role of the investment as the driver of impact.

We are proud that Vital contributes 16 of the 17 SDGs with extensive contribution to goals such as ‘Decent Work and Economic Growth’ and ‘Good Health and Well-Being’.

Impact management


Our experience has proven that thoughtful impact measurement and management drives better and more meaningful outcomes for our investors, communities and the environment. Translating our approach into practice we have established an investment process that integrates impact at every stage. Proprietary tools and industry-standard benchmarks help us to evaluate each investment in pre- and post-investment monitoring and management.

We are proud to continue to move the dial forward towards greater accountability and standardization as signatories to the Operating Principles for Impact Management.

For more information please see Vital Capital’s Disclosure Statement on our alignment to the Impact Principles.

As early pioneers in impact investing, Vital has been sharing and innovating our management and measurement practices since 2011.

Discover more about the evolution of our impact management approach: