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A uniquely African playbook for investment success on the continent: AltAssets features Vital Capital opinion


As we settle into 2024, we consider the outlook for private equity investment in Africa. Among the factors attracting investors to the continent are its rapidly growing population of 1.4 billion people – of which 60% are below the age of 25 – and an increasing demand for essential services such as infrastructure, agriculture, education, and healthcare.


There are rich and varied opportunities in Africa, with the promise of strong financial returns and social impact, but a key stumbling block continues to trip up General Partners and limits further investment: the failure to understand that a foreign strategy will not work here.

In an article for AltAssets, Vital Capital Managing Partner Nimrod Gerber shares his views on why Africa requires its own private equity playbook – one that accounts for the economic, legal, and cultural diversity on the continent, and involves a custom approach to greenfield opportunities, controlling stakes, and investment exits.

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