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PwC’s Experience Consulting Interviews Vital Capital’s Head of ESG & Impact


PwC’s Experience Consulting hosted Vital Capital’s Head of ESG & Impact Tamar Pashtan on its PreWork Walk virtual interview series for a conversation focused on aligning profit and purpose through impact investing.

The session, entitled “Driving profit for purpose: How to successfully invest for impact,” explores Vital Capital’s impact investing origins and some of its most innovative portfolio companies. PwC’s Anjali Multani and Elise Harper also talk with Pashtan about measuring and managing impact, and about what is exciting her most about Vital Capital’s recent work.

The PreWork Walk interview series, which features insightful conversations with leaders from a variety of fields, encourages the audience to start their day outside on a walk, rather than in front of a computer, while listening to engaging and thought-provoking discussions.


Listen to the full PreWork Walk interview here.