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Vital Participates in World Peace Bell Inauguration in Angola


Vital Capital is honored to have participated in the in the World Peace Bell Inauguration at The Palace of Justice in Luanda, Angola. The event took place on November 27, 2020, making Angola the first Southern African nation to receive a World Peace Bell.

The World Peace Bell Association was established in Japan and the first bell was built in 1954 and resides at the U.N. headquarters in New York. The World Peace Bell initiative recognizes and celebrates peace-making actions that transcend borders, cultures, and ideologies around the world.

This Peace Bell was presented to the Angolan people to commemorate their efforts in establishing peace and solidarity between peoples and nations after the civil war. These tremendous ongoing initiatives are evident in their strengthening of democracy, striving to establish a strong economy, and gaining international recognition for these achievements.

Given the challenges that the world faces today, Vital Capital believes that a meaningful quest for peace must be considered from a more comprehensive perspective – not only the absence of war – but more concretely establishing the foundations for growth and prosperity. By improving communities’ quality of life, their people can cultivate hope, and sustain lasting peace.

2020’s events of the pandemic and continued global hardship shed light on the fact that although we may come from different places and are of differing heritage, we are connected through our shared global community. And as the world recovers, rebuilds, and moves forward, we must work side-by-side towards our shared goals of peace and prosperity.

Vital Capital would like to express our sincere gratitude toward the Angolan people, to the World Peace Bell Initiative, and to the artist Guilherme Mampuya for this beautiful artwork.