aldeia Aldeia Nova is an investment in agro-communal centers based on a novel and innovative concept that is changing the face of agro-industrial farming communities in developing countries. The project is modelled on the moshav; community-based agricultural settlements that helped Israel build a modern state based on its human and agricultural resources. By creating vibrant, modern, skilled, self-sustaining communities, new life is brought to developing regions and, in turn, the whole country. Aldeia Nova fuses agricultural production with service provision and social development by establishing and operating large scale agro-communal centers. The centers support large communities of farmers by providing animal feed, mechanical equipment, processing and packaging facilities and marketing tools. The aim is to establish a modern, self-sufficient agro-industrial community by aiding farmers in the production,┬áprocessing and distribution of their products, ranging from poultry and cattle to crops, fruit and vegetables. Combined with the provision of social and community services, this investment supports the development of the region as a whole.   The agro-industrial centre enables the production of high-quality import substitutes, mainly eggs and dairy products for the local market, and also gives 100% of the off-take to the Aldeia Nova villages at fair market prices. As such, it is an essential component in the ongoing success of the Aldeia Nova project in re-integrating former soldiers, former rebels and displaced farmers, providing them both with adequate housing and a productive livelihood, developing local industry and commerce, creating new jobs and contributing to the overall development of the Angolan economy.