Mr. Trivizki, Vital Capital Fund’s Agriculture and Agro-Processing Expert, has been a key factor in the success of the Fund’s Aldeia Nova investment in Angola. In 2008, Mr. Trivizki joined Vital Capital Fund’s principals in establishing the Jerusalem Farm in Kumasi Ghana, proving its sustainable model through its success at raising 15,000 breeding chickens. Building on this success, from 2010-2011, he headed the creation of four large-scale commercial farms in Angola, raising 600 heads of cattle and 100,000 chicken layers while cultivating 400 hectors of field crops, 4,000 hectors of coffee and banana trees, and 5 hectors of greenhouse crops. Since 2012, he has served as the CEO of the Fund’s Aldeia Nova agricultural investment in Angola, which now has grown to include 250,000 chicken layers and 600 heads of cattle for milk production.

Prior to joining the Vital Capital Group, Mr. Trivizki worked for nearly 30 years as a provider of veterinary and consulting services for Israel’s chicken industry, including serving as the exclusive supplier to Israel’s leading integrated agricultural cooperatives. 

Mr. Trivizki studied Agriculture Economics in the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agriculture.