Why the Climate Crisis Demands Investors Rethink Impact: Environmental Finance Features Vital Capital Opinion

As we enter a new year that will be critical in the fight against climate change, Vital Capital’s Head of ESG & Impact, Tamar Pashtan, shares her views on why investors must not underperform on impact with Environmental Finance. The climate emergency is having a disproportionate effect on emerging economies so, as climate investment reaches record levels, it’s imperative that capital is directed towards the most impactful solutions and most underserved communities to ensure a just climate transition.

Our experience of investing in businesses and solutions that create transformational impact and tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing the planet, has taught us that intentionality from the outset is key. The article reveals how our impact rating tool, the Vital Impact Diamond, enables us to “look for transformational outcomes: big leaps forward, not small steps” and calls on investors to embed impact goals in their decision-making processes.


The article is available here.